Some common questions

Where do I mail my payment?

LendSmart 1855 West Katella Avenue #325 Orange, Ca 92867 (Please include your account number on your check)

How do I make my payments?

Besides mailing your payment in we have several methods for you to make your payments outlined above.

How do I change my mailing address?

Call customer service (714) 919-8180 ext 924 to make any address or phone number changes.

How do I get my current payoff amount?

Contact your customer service representative. If you do not have their number available call (714) 919-8180 ext 924. Have your account number when you call.

When will I get my title once I payoff my loan?

Your title is held electronically and is released to the DMV 20 business days after paying off your loan. You should receive your paper title one to two weeks after that.

Do I need to have car insurance?

Yes! The contract you signed when you purchased your car stated specifically that you must have full coverage insurance until your loan is paid off. If you do not maintain your insurance with a maximum $500 deductible for Comprehensive and Collision claims we have the authority to purchase insurance for you and add the cost of the premium to the balance of your account. Additionally, LendSmart must be placed as the lienholder of your policy. We suggest that you purchase your own insurance because it is cheaper than coverage that we provide on your behalf. The coverage that we provide will not satisfy the state of California liability insurance requirement, you will have to purchase a separate policy for that. The cost of two separate policies will be greater than a single full insurance policy. Contact Customer Service 714-919-8180 ext 924.

Is there a Grace Period?

No! Payment is due on your due date, but by law we cannot assess you a late charge until the tenth day past due.

I received a Welcome Letter from LendSmart. What does that mean?

If you just purchased your car, we are your new finance company. Your welcome letter has lots of useful information to help you be successful in repaying your loan.If you were previously making your payments to a dealer or another finance company, we have recently acquired your loan. Please contact us at (714) 919-8180 ext. 924.

Who should I contact with any questions?

Please contact our office at (714) 919-8180. If possible, have your account number ready when you call.